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Dr. Stuart Donnelly (a.k.a. 'DoctorMCAT') has developed several unique strategies for teaching students to handle even the most difficult passage-based questions appearing on each exam section. Learn more.

With his Ph.D. from Oxford University and over 20 years of teaching experience, Dr. Donnelly is considered by many leading educators to be " One of the most experienced and qualified MCAT® tutors in the country".

Dr. Donnelly can show you how to improve your MCAT® score greatly. Private lessons with Dr. Donnelly are available online via Zoom or in person here in San Diego at our Sorrento Valley-based office.

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Over the years, Dr. Donnelly has helped hundreds of students to improve their test scores and gain acceptance into some of the country's top medical schools. We are confident that he can do the same for you. Contact Dr. Donnelly

Student Reviews

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Read testimonials and reviews from some of Dr. Donnelly's recent students and see why his one-on-one lessons are considered the highest quality private MCAT® prep available in New York City, San Diego, CA, or online.

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"Stuart's strategies were very helpful in tackling the MCAT passage based questions. After just a few meetings, I felt more confident approaching the exam. I just got my scores and I did very well!! I got a 518 overall/97th percentile - (130 on Chemistry/Physics, 130 on Bio, 127 on CARS, and 131 on Psychology/Sociology). Thanks for your help preparing!"

Emily S., Manhattan, New York NY.

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"I appreciated how Dr. Donnelly concisely tailored his teaching to fit my learning style. His strategies are unique and helped me improve my MCAT score by 17 points to an amazing 523! - I got a perfect 132 score on the Bio section and near perfect scores on all of the others (130 on Chem/Phys,, 130 on CARS, and 131 on Psych/Soc). Thank you Dr. Donnelly!"

Vismaya S., Colorado (online student).

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"Like many others, I took the MCAT many times before with suboptimal scores. And after my score went down, I was desperate for a good tutor to bring my score up. I was about to go with a company when I found Dr. MCAT. After our intro session, I knew right then and there that his methods were unique and he catered to the individual unlike many big companies, whose methods seem to only help a few people because of how general the strategies are. (I can say this because I use Kaplan twice before for the MCAT). My problem was definitely how I approached the test and Dr. MCAT definitely helped with that greatly. In ten weeks, he and his strategies took my score from the 66th percentile all the way to the 92nd percentile!! I highly recommend Dr. MCAT! And even if you don't live nearby, he offers tutoring sessions over Skype so don't be shy to reach out to him if you need MCAT help!"

Jenil B., Blauvelt, New York.

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Our Unique Approach

Customized lessons to Greatly Improve Your Score

Dr. Donnelly (a.k.a. Doctor MCAT) is considered to be one of the most qualified and experienced MCAT tutors in the country

In-Person MCAT® Tutoring

Depending on the time of year, in-person tutoring with Dr. Donnelly is available at our Manhattan, New York, NY office or our San Diego, CA office. Private online lessons are also available at any time. Learn how private one-on-one MCAT lessons with Dr. Donnelly will help you to improve your scores significantly and achieve your goal of attending medical school. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Donnelly. Schedule your consultation today!

Online MCAT tutoring

Online MCAT® Tutoring

If you don't happen to live or work in New York City or San Diego - no problem. Due to popular demand, Dr. Donnelly offers one-on-one online MCAT via Zoom. Private online tutoring is an effective and convenient test prep option since no time is wasted getting to and from each lesson, and you can even record the class to play back later. So no matter where you live, the best MCAT tutoring option available is just a mouse click away. Learn more.

Dr. Donnelly will be happy to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the right MCAT test prep plan for you.

FREE MCAT® Consultation

Dr. Donnelly would be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation at your earliest convenience to discuss the right MCAT® test prep plan for you. This initial consultation will take about 30 minutes and help him determine the correct number of hours of tutoring you will need to reach your target score. You will also have a chance to see Stuart's tutoring skills in action, giving you a better understanding of his unique tutoring style and teaching methodology. Click here to schedule

Online MCAT tutoring

MCAT® Exam Overview

Learn everything you need to know about the MCAT® exam, including new content, question breakdown by topic, and scoring scale, and see how these changes will impact you and your chances for admission to medical school. Learn how Dr. Donnelly’s unique techniques will help you to master each of the background topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, CARS, Psychology, and Sociology. Knowing the right approach to each test section is the key to significantly improving your score. Learn more.