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Dr. Stuart Donnelly (a.k.a. the MCAT Doctor) has a Ph.D. from Oxford University and over 20 years of MCAT® tutoring and teaching experience at all levels. Many leading educators consider him to be "one of the most experienced and qualified private MCAT® tutors in the country.”

Over the years, Dr. Donnelly has developed a unique strategy that is highly efficient in dealing with the passage-based problem that appears on the test. For the past two decades, Stuart has helped numerous aspiring medical students to improve their scores significantly and gain acceptance into medical school. We are confident that he can do the same for you.

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Founder, DoctorMCAT NYC

Dr. Stuart Donnelly's academic credentials and teaching experience are second to none. Click on the links below to learn why Stuart is considered New York's leading private MCAT tutor and test prep expert.

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Student Reviews

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Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"Last year, I took the MCAT after studying on my own but my results were VERY disappointing. Physics and Gen Chem have never been my strong point so this year, I decided to get some professional tutoring help and contacted Dr Donnely. After just two months of working intensively with Stuart, I raised my Chem/Phys score by 7 POINTS! and my total MCAT score by 13 POINTS! That's how clear and thorough his instruction was. He really was exactly what you would want from a tutor because he really does care about how you do and even kept in contact with me after my exam to help me with school applications. He was an invaluable resource."

Jeff T. New York NY.

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"I highly recommend this service! I had private MCAT lessons with Dr. Donnelly during the Spring and took my MCAT in June. Stuart was very helpful, patient, and flexible, and so knowledgeable! He made the Bio and physical science passages seem so much easier. Just got my results back and I couldn't be happier! I went up by 11 points and ended up with a 515! I definitely would not have done as well on my exam without Stuart"

Rebecca I., Houston TX.

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Academic Qualifications & Teaching Experience

Dr. Donnelly - Academic Qualifications

Oxford University

Dr. Donnelly earned his Ph.D. from Oxford University, under the guidance of world-renowned scientist Professor W. K. Morton, for his ground-breaking research in fluid dynamics for Rolls Royce's supersonic jet engines. He was awarded a full Science and Research Council scholarship to complete his post-graduate studies.

Stuart also has an Honors Degree in Mathematics and Physics and is the author of several critically acclaimed test prep books from the best-selling "For Dummies" series by Wiley & Sons Publishing.

Dr. Donnelly - Teaching Experience

Dr. Donnelly teaching

After receiving his Ph.D. from Oxford, Dr. Donnelly followed his love of teaching and embarked upon a full-time career in education. He lectured briefly at George Washington University, D.C. before accepting a four-year teaching position at the French International School, one of Hong Kong's most prestigious private high schools.

While in Hong Kong, Dr. Donnelly co-founded and directed Tutors of Oxford HK, the territory's premium tutoring service and test prep center. Tutors of Oxford HK's reputation for providing the best tutors available helped the company proliferate. At our peak, we employed and trained over forty highly-qualified tutors each academic year.

Upon his return to the United States in 1998, Dr. Donnelly accepted a lecturing position at Western Connecticut State University before moving to San Diego to found MCATDoctor, California's leading private MCAT® tutoring and test prep service.

Dr. Donnelly - Teaching & Academic References

Dr. Donnelly reviews

Dr. Many leading educators consider Dr. Donnelly one of the country's most experienced and qualified private MCAT tutors. But don't just take our word for it. Read the references below from a few who have enjoyed working with Stuart. So now you can rest assured that when you hire Dr. Donnelly, you are getting the finest quality private tutoring available.

"I rate Stuart as an excellent teacher. He inspires brilliant students and encourages those who may find certain topics difficult. His lessons are well-structured...and it is obvious that he thoroughly enjoys his work. In conclusion, Stuart is a talented and dedicated teacher" - Mary G. Lawton, Head Mistress, French International School (Hong Kong).

"While at Oxford, Stuart undertook a good deal of teaching in tutorial situations; he clearly enjoyed this and was very successful at it. Stuart is strongly motivated to a teaching career and has demonstrated his capability of presenting lectures in a very clear and effective manner.” - Professor W. K. Morton, Director of Oxford University Computing Dept.

"Dr. Donnelly has shown himself sensitive to the needs of his students, responding to their questions, offering reassurances, when necessary, and challenging pupils to consider the subject matter in depth. I recommend him to you without hesitation." - E. H. Clements,Head of Mathematics, FIS.

Dr. Donnelly - Developed Unique MCAT Strategies

Dr. Donnelly teaching

With over 20 years of private tutoring and teaching experience at all levels, a Ph.D. from Oxford University, and several highly acclaimed test prep books to his name, Dr. Donnelly is considered by many leading educators to be "one of the most experienced and qualified private MCAT® tutors in the country."

As a dedicated full-time private tutor, Dr. Donnelly has developed many unique tutoring techniques that help his students to master even the most difficult of topics that appear on the MCAT®. These proprietary methods (unavailable elsewhere) show students the most efficient approach to deal with the passage-based structure of each section of the exam and allow them to spend much more time answering questions rather than getting bogged down in passage details.

Dr. Donnelly's tutoring methodology focuses on quality over quantity. After the initial assessment, each lesson becomes increasingly individualized as Stuart adapts the curriculum to your particular test-prep needs. Any weaknesses are quickly addressed to solidify your conceptual and methodological foundations. His patient step-by-step teaching style will help build confidence in each topic and improve your test-taking skills.

Dr. Donnelly - Student Reviews

Dr. Donnelly reviews

Over the past two decades, Dr. Stuart Donnelly has helped hundreds of students to improve their scores significantly and gain acceptance into some of the country's leading medical schools.

Read Testimonials and Reviews from Dr. Donnelly recent students. Please note that each student's surname has been replaced by their initial for privacy reasons. However, each testimonial can be verified, and references are available upon request.