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Dr. Stuart Donnelly, the founder of both Doctor MCAT and MCAT Doctor, was awarded his Ph.D. in mathematics from Oxford University at the age of 25. With over 18 years of private tutoring and teaching experience at all levels, and several best-selling test prep books to his name, Dr. Donnelly is considered by many leading educators to be, "One of the most experienced and qualified private MCAT tutors in the country."

Over the past two decades, Dr.Stuart Donnelly has helped numerous aspiring medical students to improve their MCAT scores significantly and achieve their goals of attending the medical school of their choice. We are confident that he can do the same for you.

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About Private MCAT Lessons

Due to popular demand, Dr. Donnelly now offers one-on-one online MCAT lessons via Zoom for those students who prefer not to have to travel to our Sorrento Valley-based office.

What our students say

about Dr. Donnelly!

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly's private tutoring stands apart from other mainstream/commercial review programs because he isolates an individual's weaknesses and tailors a successful review and test-taking strategy that conforms to an individual's needs -- rather than those of the masses. Dr. Donnelly was able to quickly understand and dissect my thought process in order to help me break old habits and establish stronger test-taking skills so I could get that higher score I wanted."

Jacqui S., Manhattan, NY.

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"Hi Stuart. Just wanted to share some great news with you - I received multiple offers to medical school this year and have narrowed it down to GW in DC and PCOM in Philly. I am thrilled to be headed to school in August. Thank you so much for all your help and support throughout this process."

Christina T., San Diego CA.

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Free Consultation/Assessment

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If you are new to private tutoring or test prep - don't worry. During your free initial consultation, Dr. Donnelly will administer a short assessment to determine if there are any gaps in your background knowledge of the basic concepts that appear on the MCAT. The assessment usually takes about 30 minutes. You will also get to see Dr. Donnelly's tutoring skills in action and by the end of the initial consultation, you should feel confident that Dr. Donnelly is the right MCAT tutor for you.

Based on the initial assessment, Dr. Donnelly will be able to advise you on the correct number of hours of tutoring that you will probably need in order to reach your target MCAT score. If you decide that Dr. Donnelly is the right tutor for you, he will then work with you to help you to plan your entire MCAT prep time-table and set up a regular tutoring schedule.

Customized Lessons

That Focus On Your Needs

Dr. Donnelly's tutoring focuses on quality over quantity. After the initial assessment, each lesson becomes increasingly individualized as Dr. Donnelly adapts the curriculum to your particular test-prep needs. Any weaknesses are quickly addressed to ensure that your conceptual and methodological foundations are solid.

If, on the other hand, you've already done some test prep and feel comfortable with your background knowledge of the Physical Sciences and the Biological Sciences , then Dr. Donnelly will focus more on the concepts and question-types that are troubling you most.

Either way, Dr. Donnelly's patient step-by-step teaching style will help to build your confidence in each topic and greatly improve your test-taking skills. Learn More.

Unique MCAT Strategies

Designed to Improve Your Score

As a dedicated full-time private MCAT tutor and test prep specialist, with over 18 years of teaching experience, Dr. Donnelly (a.k.a. Doctor MCAT) has developed a unique strategy that is extremely efficient in dealing with the passage-based problem that appears on the MCAT. This method is easy to learn and helps students to reach the correct answers to even the most difficult questions, usually within half the time required by traditional approaches.

Knowing the most efficient approach, that allows one to extract the important information from each passage, is the key to improving one’s MCAT score. Dr. Donnelly's students are often amazed at how quickly their MCAT scores start to improve significantly (often after just a few hours of tutoring). Many of his new students tell him that they actually learned more during their first lesson with him than they did previously during entire courses with other tutors or test prep centers. Learn More.

Free Access To Sample Questions

Free MCAT Practice Tests

"Practice makes perfect", as the old saying goes - so at the end of each lesson, Dr. Donnelly will provide you with plenty of MCAT questions of varying difficulty to practice at home. These homework assignments will help you to reinforce and retain the techniques and topics that we have covered together during our lessons. They also provide a valuable feedback mechanism that will help to measure your weekly progress.

All students also receive free proprietary teaching materials including equation summary sheets, test-taking tips, and access to 1000's of officially-published MCAT questions and practice exams. Learn More.